Bad Dental Habits to Avoid

Most people are taught good dental habits from a very young age. However, most people pick up on bad dental habits that may damage teeth temporarily or permanently. Some do not even know that they are holding on to bad habits that are detrimental for their overall dental health. Stopping these habits can help improve dental health and avoid diseases related to poor dental care.


One of the worst things one can do to their teeth is use them as tools. There are people who use their teeth for opening cans, cutting tags off clothing, pulling threads from clothing and so much more. The trauma caused by these objects on teeth can be very dangerous. It can result in weakened teeth and severe pain. It can also result in chipped teeth. It is best to use real tools such as pliers and can openers for this kind of work. Going the shorter route can damage teeth permanently.

Crunching left over ice in drinks is a habit that many people consider harmless. On the contrary, it is a dangerous habit that can lead to deterioration in dental health. The brittle ice can lead to cracking and chipping of teeth while the coldness enhances the likelihood of tooth fractures. It is also advisable not to crunch any extremely hard foods as this increases the risks of teeth chipping.

There is a common belief amongst some people that, the harder the bristles of a toothbrush, the better it will clean teeth. Dentists go against this belief and advise people to use a soft-bristled brush. Hard bristles may irritate and result in bleeding gums. It is advisable to choose a brush that is designed to keep the mouth clean in a healthy manner.

The mouth is the entry point for all foods into the body. It is therefore of great importance that a person is mindful of what they put into their mouth. Sipping sugary beverages or drinks is associated with increased risks of tooth decay. It is better to finish the drink as fast as possible and rinse the mouth with water. This will remove any sugar deposits left on teeth, thus avoiding decay.

Perfect dental health is easy to achieve due to easy access of the mouth. Avoiding bad dental habits such as the ones mentioned above, enhances overall dental health. It is therefore important to remember that an individual should visit the dentist at least once a year.